An advanced projects time management app available on the world's most popular platforms

Keep in easy way information on how long projects take, how much resources required, what staff involved. CREW is a fantastic way to give a better understanding of how your team spend working day, what tasks are done by providing you with in-depth time reports

Basic features

Organize a productive workflow in a short time

LDAP authorization

Connect App Domain with already existing users for swift and calm authorization in the system


No language handicap anymore. Adaptive localization for international teams

Project time reporting

Actual projects info and daily time reports in plain sight. Keeps your team on track and gives you more realistic idea of how much time projects eat up

Self-control timer

Prepare yourself for productive work. Create "to do" list and complete tasks under time control

Admin features

  • Invite users to join your company or give them access via specifying LDAP settings
  • Setup project profiles in details - work areas, project manager, currency etc.
  • Assemble a team with required technical skills
  • Keep an eye on completion process and get summaries within the time frames
  • Grant stakeholders access to keep them aware of project progress
  • Analyze previous similar tasks for better planning

Team members features

  • Manage team, set specializations and rates
  • Monitor progress, review reporting using convinient filters
  • Share reports to keep clients updated
  • Report activities, check time spent on certain projects
  • Organize work with task lists and timer

Mobile App is always within your reach

Your project data is available any time

Work on the project via mobile phone or tablet

Review and create your reports even outside the office

–°onfigure notifications

Receive reminders about reports at a time you prefer

How get it started

Only 5 steps to effective work

Register your company and connect App Domain

Add a project and estimate the time for its implementation

Create a team, distribute the roles and set rates

Let a team to report activities of project development works

Enable a customer to control project creation stages and review costs of development

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